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About Us


Wenzhou Binyi Machinery Technoloty Co., Ltd. is specialized in research and development of ultra-high pressure equipment, carbon dioxide sterilization equipment, cold sterilization techniques, cold isostatic pressing, high pressure food processing technology and EHV bioengineering technology, design, production, sales and high pressure food processing technology to promote high-tech private enterprises. The company formerly known as Wenzhou Beno Machinery Co. UHP Technology, 2011 based on the needs of market development strategy, the establishment of an independent company, specializing in the development and promotion of food processing, bio-technology and EHV EHV equipment.

In order to better adapt and develop new markets, to better serve our customers, we have a lot of food, high pressure processing of biological products, such as: foods have juice, milk, wine, fruit, vegetables, pickled vegetables, cucumber , abalone, oysters, scallops, clam, squid, meat products, egg products, rice, starch, etc., most of which have been turned into a mature product; there are biological extraction of polyphenols, Sang Wong, chrysanthemum tea; bio-pharmaceutical and medicine have cell wall, aspects inactivated virus vaccine preparation, plasma processing.

As a high-tech enterprise, based on customer demand for continuous innovation, always firmly believed that technology is the core, the quality is the enterprise standard for enterprise survival and development.

Your satisfaction is our greatest wish, we uphold this philosophy, and constantly strive to upgrade their hardware and software strength, for new and old customers to provide better products and services.

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